To Spawn A Cannibal

by Kill Me Eternal

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The first single by brutal death metal project Kill Me Eternal


Pathetic fucking bastard I hope you fucking die
your face to the floor and a dick in your eye
I hate your god damn guts
All you did was tear me down
you claim that you adore me
Man just shut the fuck up
I tie you down tonight
On a table with spikes
Hear the sound of your screams
But ill bury you twice
Ill tear your sorry guts out
right before your eyes
Because of your abuse
this is your demise
now sit the fuck down
fucking eat whats on your plate
just to let you know
yes its your fucking testicals
So go put a fucking hat on
your brain is sticking out
looks like a giant pimple
exploded in your mouth
go bathe in your blood
hope you fucking drown in it
i ate your fucking heart
like you ate my peice of mind
you took away my pride
so ill eat your insides
slowly you watch i rip into your body
the red covers my fingers
as i pull out your liver
i rip it in half
and i devour them both
i eat every bit of your body
where there is nothing left but bone
slowly slowly i eat you alive
your death is why i live
and im not why you die
my razor sharp teeth
make you scream in horror
my knife in your ass
is your sexual pleasure


released March 17, 2014
Dakota Westbrook - Vocals
Zach Krauss - Guitars, Drums
Kayla Ihrcke - Lyrics



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