The Annihilation EP

by Hand Of Annihilation

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The debut EP from Florida-based death metal band Hand Of Annihilation
'The Annihilation EP'
Dakota Westbrook: Vocals/lyrics
Guitars- Criss Osborne
Keyboards/Vocals - Kayle Ihrcke
Drums- Chris Mathews on tracks 1, 2, 6, 7 and John Page on tracks 4, 5, and 6




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Track Name: Awakening An Ancient Evil
The times will call upon the evil to awaken opening the cracks to Armageddon
And i see no way to conquer this day we will fall to the maker of global decimation the weekend state will cause our lives to decay.
If i see the fall of man i will laugh i foretold you all but i was unanswered i hope you see, you are the true fools in the shepards herd
I will never understand why we are idiots in sheeps clothes, maybe we are destined for the chopping block, the glories of man will crumble
I see the entrance of demise. the dark gloom is what we will seek. the salvation in an ancient evil is a hopeless cause
we will die awakening the ancient evil demise on humanity
awaken the ancient evil
Track Name: Global Self Evisceration
The bodies scorching flaming death a smell of vulgar power cro magnons incapable overlords devouring our virgin daughters.
we drown in blood with our swords in hand the king commands from severed hands he holds high he speaks lies
dont hold line we break its a fight for a mistake now we pay for the king and his forsaken ways construct fall the global self evisceration we are damned in the eyes of your god
ook in my eyes what do you see global self evisceration the bodies bloody disgusting the perverse jerk off they were right a hopeless fight hell reigns we fall all hope lost you see it was you fucking week maggots the earth your bitch slaughter the week humans global self evisceration we are damned in the eyes of your god
Track Name: Awakening
The trees call my name. Blood soon to be spilt on the sacred ground.For what have i don't the noose hangs the branch thick now i gasp when im shoved towards the make shift gallows. The guards are morbid pigs.
"my eyes intense no blood have i spilt my end unjust they treat me like im a social slut the noose will tighten then i will smile for the world has truly awoken we will awaken we must awake."
my feet above the ground my eyes in the back of my head i cant breath the noose tightens my life shown as a whore now i die like one why should i die for what the monsters did. why will i die for a little bitch. did you look in my eyes i lived like you i was alive.
Track Name: Global Sodomy
in passive times we wait for war construct society just so it falls bring forth the desolation and global sodomy we wait for self bleed the ramparts back again we destroy ourselves thinking we rule the world in reality we are its bitch see the great fall tear down self made walls so we cann breath again we will let it go all to hell delirious men plot for what we will loose its all inside our heads the thought we can win we are mortal sodomize ourselves waiting for a miracle nothing can save us (we are Fucked) global innovation delirious though process of a weakened man sticking to the lie of safety waiting for a leader to come forth no one will save us we are fucked think of the anal pleasure we mus love it in the ass
Track Name: Destructive Holiday
Structure of ignorance i will kill you vile fucking bitch you were the bane in my life i hope you choke on your excess and die i am the pale horse and i ride for the end of you self destruction or its dealt by my hand either or.
killing on adrenaline.... conceived of hate i choke the life outta you your face goes blue as i prepare to violate you
chorus: blood spills... i smash your fucking beauty, i dont care what you call it i want to end it you chose your path a pathetic fucking waste of flesh i hope you eat your words my fist my cock
un intellegent peice of shit bitch i hope you fall in your own fecal matter as i shut your jaw with a fucking sledge hammer wait for me bitch dont run i will chase you down....
a big splatter of your stomach waste matter
i will fucking destroy
pathetic and worthless
a peice of flesh for me to amuse my self
This is your end... this is my fucking destructive holiday
Track Name: Heart Apocalytica
In the flames i lie awaiting nothing to hold me back but pain. your eyes meet with anger i feel the hate i see the way you walk away the shun its almost hypnotizing. i feel lost with the way the beat is transformed see this i can almost taste the anger in you as you speak. it cuts me. it breaks me. hold on to nothing. heart apocalyptica. why must we lie and hold to a vow that can be broken and hold for nothing. god the strings you must pull on me my puppet master heart apocalyptica.
the walls are what breaks in me the feeling of being lost in your eyes. why must you leave like this. my heart apocalyptica.
the contious matter of my self gone. the feeling gone the numb sets in on me... why why should i wait for nothing... why why why should i add to heart apocalyptica